Commercial Laundry

Coin Laundry Development

Are you looking for a sound investment? Do you want to own your own business? Then consider owning an upscale vended laundry store designed by CPEC – one of the most attractive opportunities available.

The modern efficient laundry store provides a vital service in our communities as evidenced by the large number of people who use them. Our changing society has not only created a strong need for the service, but a bright future for the industry. People are looking for time savings and convenience, all of which our upscale vended laundry stores provide.

On-Premise Laundry

CPEC is the major supplier of on premise laundry equipment in the states of Arizona, New Mexico and the city of El Paso. We offer a full line of commercial and industrial laundry equipment, parts, service, installation, financing, laundry layout and more. Our goal is to offer the highest quality laundry equipment and provide the best possible service to our customers.

Multi-Housing Laundry

Coin & Professional Equipment Co. (CPEC) is a family owned business that has provided coin laundry equipment to Arizona, New Mexico and El Paso apartment complexes, hotels, RV parks and mobile home parks since 1962. We are the oldest and largest commercial laundry equipment distributor in Arizona with offices in Phoenix and Tucson.


CPEC's Laundry Solutions program is specifically focused on reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency, and improving sustainability. Commercial laundries are notorious for consuming large amounts water (mostly hot), and using harsh chemicals that can take a significant toll on your expensive linen. CPEC incorporates a wide variety of chemicals ranging from totally green detergents to conventional high alkaline products. This gives us the flexibility to design formulas based on chemistry, equipment, and water conditions as well as fabric and clientele. These formulas have been tested in premier resorts, hotels/motels and nursing homes across the state. The results are lower operating costs and superior quality for your clientele. 

Dry Cleaning

The revolutionary Harmony Cleaning System is changing the way dry cleaners are processing garments. One machine and one additive will safely and effectively process all types of fabrics. The Harmony Cleaning System removes soil and odors better than traditional dry cleaning so the clothes look, feel and smell cleaner! 

This system is also environmentally friendly. The cleaning solution is derived from natural ingredients so there are no harmful chemicals and no hazardous waste is produced. There are no filters to clean or cartridges to replace. It’s simple, fast, and totally green with superior results.

Ozone Disinfection

Commercial laundry operators and housekeeping managers all over the country are discovering the benefits of incorporating Aquawing Ozone in their laundry operations. Ozone technology has proven itself to be an effective tool in helping to lessen water usage and energy consumption. Wash and dry times are also reduced, all while ensuring the absence of microorganisms, and improving the quality and useful life of laundered products.

Whether the concern is saving utilities, disinfection, or sustainability, Aquawing will elevate the typical laundry room process to the pinnacle of environmental friendliness, enabling facilities to run a more efficient and responsible laundry operation.