Coin Laundry Development

Are you looking for a sound investment? Do you want to own your own business? Then consider owning an upscale vended laundry store designed by CPEC – one of the most attractive opportunities available.

The modern efficient laundry store provides a vital service in our communities as evidenced by the large number of people who use them. Our changing society has not only created a strong need for the service, but a bright future for the industry. People are looking for time savings and convenience, all of which our upscale vended laundry stores provide.

Reach your Financial Goals!  Contact us Today!What are the reasons modern efficient laundry stores are successful today?   

  1. Maytag and Huebsch High Efficiency and Energy Advantage washers and dryers dramatically reduce utility costs.
  2. Time Savings – customers can spend 2 hours at an upscale vended laundry rather than a whole day at home washing clothes.
  3. Huebsch and Maytag large capacity front load washers can handle washable items such as sleeping bags, comforters, and blankets too large for residential washers.
  4. Comfortable and appealing atmosphere
  5. Convenient drop off laundry service where customers can have their laundry done for them.
  6. Dry-Cleaning service
  7. The Maytag and Huebsch name and reputation.
  8. Modern efficient laundry stores incorporate proven ideas and features supported by experience.
  9. Maytag and Huebsch dependable commercial washers and dryers mean less downtime and more profits for you.

How does a modern efficient laundry store compare to other types of businesses?  

  1. A high net return on capital investment   
  2. All cash business
  3. Requires a few hours of your unscheduled time.
  4. No prior knowledge of business necessary
  5. Excellent depreciation schedule on equipment
  6. Comparatively short period of time to build to peak volume
  7. Minimal labor costs
  8. Directly related to a necessity of life – clothing
  9. No Receivables
  10. Minimal inventory of products



Our complete upscale vended laundry stores are not franchises although we provide a total service and equipment package. We guide and assist our customers through all phases of developing their new upscale vended laundry store. Our service includes assistance with selecting the right location, designing the store, financial analysis, obtaining construction bids, financing, installation, advertising aids, and free equipment maintenance schools.

Coin and Professional Equipment Co. (CPEC) is the largest commercial laundry equipment distributor in the states of Arizona, New Mexico and the city of El Paso. We have served Arizona since 1962 and have offices in Phoenix and Tucson. With many years of experience, a complete line of quality laundry and dry-cleaning equipment, a complete parts department, and an award winning service department, we can help assure that your upscale vended laundry store will be a profitable and efficient business.