Maytag Equipped Yuma Laundry

C-PEC recently remodeled and equipped Yuma's newest Maytag Equipped Laundry.  The remodel and reopening of this store was led by C-PEC's Mark Svancara. 

All of C-PEC's Maytag Equipped Laundry Stores are put through a lengthy planning and evaluation process which includes several floor plans to identify the design that will use the floor space most effectively.   After evaluating the demographics and surrounding businesses C-PEC identified another revenue source that could be integrated into the store.  A portion of the floor space has been dedicated to a convenience store. 

The flexible design of industry leading Maytag commercial washers and dryers allowed the equipment to connect to existing water, gas and electrical connections saving the store owner on costly remodeling costs. 









C-PEC identified some flaws in the original design of the dryer area.  Small modifications were made so that the dryers could operate more efficiently. 








The finished result is a modern and energy efficient Maytag Equipped Laundry Store that is properly sized and equipped for the needs of the market. 








Maytag large capacity washers are extremely energy efficient and are equipped with marketing options designed into the Maytag controls to generate additional income.  All Maytag computerized washers and dryers also have the ability to record the number of cycles run and the amount of money deposited in the machines.