Maytag Superwash Laundry

C-PEC's representative Mark Svancara led the renovation of an older Phoenix laundry into the area's newest Maytag Equipped Laundry Store.  C-PEC has developed Maytag Equipped Laundry Stores for over 45 years in Arizona.  Our expertise and experience in creating strong coin and card operated laundry stores is unmatched.  This new Maytag Store is equipped with industry leading Maytag washers and dryers equipped with advanced controls to maximize income.  Energy efficient washers and dryers were installed giving the business an edge over competing older less efficient stores. 

The renovation included a reconfiguration of the space, new sewer lines, water lines, drop ceiling, electrical service, floor, etc.  The renovation required an architect for the drastic remodel.  C-PEC worked closely with the architect to ensure equipment and utilities would be properly placed and sufficient for the new Maytag Laundry.         








C-PEC provided and installed new utility bulkheads to supply water and electrical service to the new equipment.  Below ground water troughs were installed in place of above ground drain piping.  All of the necessary equipment and components of a successful laundry store are provided and installed by C-PEC. 








With C-PEC's guidance the finished Maytag Equipped Laundry Store was equipped with the area's largest washers and dryers offering customers a variety of washing and drying options.  The large equipment also provides the business owner with adequate equipment to wash and dry commercial laundry business from motels, restaurants, etc. The store's decor is attractive and the store is a pleasant place for customers to wash their clothing, blankets, etc. 








Maytag Energy Star high efficiency washers were installed drastically reducing the amount of water used. Maytag leads the industry in energy efficiency and reliability. 








The store is equipped with a variety of stack 45 lb dryers and stack 30 lb dryers offering maximum drying capacity.  Dryers line both walls of the store providing an efficient flow through from the washers to the dryers to folding tables.  Efficient use of floor space and an efficient use of transitions from washers to dryers to folding is important for a clean efficient store.