Mesa Apartment Property Laundry Room Renovation

C-PEC was selected as the equipment provider for a large Mesa apartment property renovation.  The renovation included converting an apartment unit into a vended laundry room for the residents.  C-PEC assisted in designing the layout of the equipment in the room.  C-PEC provided energy efficient Maytag commercial laundry equipment with an advanced laundry card system.  The industry's most energy efficient top load washers were installed using only 19.9 gallons of water on average per cycle. 













Advanced Maytag commercial top load washers use significantly less water than other commercial laundry brands and previous Maytag top load washer models.  The Maytag controls also offer multi level vending options and a variety of enhancements to the wash cycle.  A resident could select a combination of normal wash or power wash with cold or hot water and could add an extra rinse or extra wash time.  Each cycle upgrade selection could have an additional cost added to the price of the wash cycle.  Maytag equipment will save the property money in utility costs and will generate additional income. 



A value transfer machine was installed in the property's office.  The property's owners have several properties and require the ability to monitor the laundry room income.  C-PEC installed a machine that has the ability to connect to the internet.  Each purchase made at the machine is recorded on a secure site for viewing.  The property owners log into the secure site to view income reports for the laundry room.  The remote monitoring provides an audit of the machine to verify that bank deposits match the actual laundry room income.