Ozone – Aquawing

Our partners rely on us to present solutions that will increase the performance and efficiency of their laundry operations. Data shows that Ozone technology must be considered and implemented correctly for a high performing laundry operation. Ozone technology is critical for our partners in the hospitality, medical, correctional, athletic, and other industries. The Aquawing Disinfection Ozone Laundry System is the only system in North America that is clinically validated to kill MRSA (staph), and Cdiffa.

Hot Water & Gas Heating Cost Savings – The Aquawing System works best in cold water. Reduce hot water usage and natural gas heating costs!

Boost Laundry Productivity – Shorten or eliminate extra rinses, shorten dry times by up to 20%!

Eliminate Super Bugs – The Aquawing System is the only system on the market that is clinically proven by two independent laboratories to eliminate more than 99 percent of super bugs in the wash with the use of the patented Interfusorb.

Return on Investment – Use less water, less gas to heat the water, reduce utility costs by eliminating extra rinses, extend linen and equipment life!

Allow your C-PEC laundry specialist to analyze your laundry operation and demonstrate the benefits of the Aquawing Ozone System.

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