TotalVue by Unimac

Unimac is empowering managers with tools to effectively oversee their commercial laundry operations. TotalVue implemented by Coin and Professional Equipment Company is a tool for Unimac commercial laundry equipment that connects your commercial washers and dryers to an intuitive platform to monitor the performance of your equipment. TotalVue gives managers and executives clear insight to key performance statistics from their laundry operation. TotalVue is effective for managing an individual machine to laundry operations spanning multiple locations. View machine performance metrics presented on an easy to read dashboard.

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Initial equipment costs represent just 8-12% of your total laundry budget, while operating costs represent up to 87%. With so much of your laundry dollar dependent on operational efficiency, the slightest adjustment could mean tens of thousands in savings every year. TotalVue gives you the data you need to make powerful operational changes.