Technology – Payrange

Payrange is a mobile payment solution that makes paying to use a commercial washer and dryer easier than ever! Through the free Payrange app, customers pay to use your commercial washers and dryers with the ease of their smart phone. Payrange hardware installs easily on a variety of commercial washers and dryers. Allow us to show you how Payrange can enhance the usage of your commercial laundry facility!

  • No internet connection necessary! The Payrange system connects to the internet through the internet connection on your customer’s smart phone.
  • Easy installation! C-PEC installation technicians install, program, and test your Payrange equipment.
  • Low transaction fees! Owners of a Payrange equipped laundry room pay low transaction fees for the business transacted through the Payrange app.
  • Web management dashboard! Through the Payrange dashboard, view all your coin and Payrange transactions, push updates like pricing to Payrange devices remotely, view a variety of performance reports, and more.
  • 24/7 support! Payrange support is available for you as the owner of the laundry facility or your customers or residents to address any issues with the Payrange system.

Contact us to learn more about Payrange for your laundry facility