Harmony Wet Cleaning

Replace your perc or alternative solvent dry cleaning machine with a simplified more effiecient system.

  • One Shot Additive: Maestro Wet Cleaning solution is all you need for all garmets.
    It’s Simple!
  • Environmentally Safe: No harmfull chemicals or hazardous waste.
    Truly Green!
  • Superior Results: Harmony Wet-Cleaning system removes soil and odors better than traditional dry cleaning. Clothes look, feel, and smell better.
    Clean and Soft!
  • Efficient Process: Automated wash programs and dry-to-dry cycles save time, labor, and space.
    Increased Profits!
  • Higher Production: Shorter cycles than perc or alternative solvents.
    The fastest payback in the industry!

“We went with the Harmony machines and it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done!”
Heath Bolin
Sparkle Cleaners, Tuscon
President, Western States Drycleaners and Launderers Association

Going Green has never been more affordable

Maestro One-Shot Additive for Wet Cleaning


An innovative cleaning solution designed especially for use with Yamamoto WUD Series wet-cleaning machines. The unique chemistry of MAESTRO Wet-Cleaning Solution combined with the superior technology of the WUD Series machines produces noticeably cleaner results.

Automated wash cycles are designed to allow the cleaning solution to mix with water prior to adding garments. Garments are never directly exposed to untreated water. Camellia oil, a natural ingredient in MAESTRO Wet-Cleaning Solution, coats the surface of fabrics, protecting them from the damaging effects of water.

The Harmony Wet-Cleaning System allows for replacement of harsh chemicals with milder solutions eliminating hazardous waste and excessive pollution to the water, air, and soil.

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