Create Parts Quote for Customer

  1. Click on the Customers icon in the left menu in Spire
  2. Search for the customer in the top search bar by customer name or Spire ID number
  3. Double click on customer name
  4. Click the “Sales” tab in the customer account
  5. Click the blue plus sign to create a new Quote
  6. Verify in the drop down window near the top right side of the window under Order Details that Open Quote is selected
  7. In the Salesperson field select your name
  8. In the Territory field select 01 Phoenix House
  9. Select the correct ship to address in the Ship To field
  10. Select the correct shipping information in the Ship Via field
  11. Select the correct contact under the Contact information
  12. Select the correct Location which is 1 – Phx – 1 under the Order Details information
  13. Type in the part numbers in the large window
  14. Type in the correct order quantity, and unit price
  15. Click the User Defined tab
  16. Select “Parts” for the Department and leave the Technician, Warranty, and took parts box blank
  17. Click the Parts Orders tab
  18. Click the drop down next to Ship Out and select the correct option
  19. Click the drop down next to Delivery and select the correct option
  20. Click the drop down next to Shipping Speed and select the correct option
  21. Click the main tab on the Quote
  22. Verify that all of the information on the quote is correct
  23. Click the save icon
  24. Click the print icon near the top of the open quote
  25. Click the check box next to, CPEC – Service/Parts Quote. This report does not show part numbers.  We do not provide customers with part numbers
  26. Click the Email button in the window that opens
  27. Click the “To” field in the window that opens and select the email address for the customer receiving the quote
  28. Click the drop down in the Template field and select Parts Estimate
  29. Click the Send box at the top of the window
  30. Save and close the Quote