Industrial and On-Premise Laundry Service

Experience You Can Count On

With over 50 years of experience in the industrial laundry industry, you can rely on C-PEC to provide expert solutions for your industrial and on-premise laundry facility.  C-PEC works with the best manufacturers in the business to equip industrial laundry facilities in hotels, sports facilities, assisted living care facilities, hospitals, and others for maximum efficiency. 

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Laundry Chemistry

Proper chemistry is essential for correct laundry cleaning and sanitizing results.  C-PEC’s full line of laundry detergent products are customized for an industrial laundry’s application.  C-PEC provides laundry chemistry services for hospitality, health club, health care facilities and more.  A C-PEC specialist analyzes the needs of the facility and recommends a chemical formula through an in-depth analysis of water conditions, machine type, linen type, and other factors.  C-PEC provides all the necessary hardware and programming to inject laundry chemicals into your equipment for superior results. 

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Services for Designers and Architects

C-PEC supports architects and designers in their work to create plans for industrial and on-premise laundry facilities equipped with Unimac and Aquawing equipment.  C-PEC provides direction on laundry room layouts for efficient throughput, necessary utilities for Unimac and Aquawing equipment, proper equipment sizing, BIM and CAD objects and symbols for Unimac and Aquawing equipment. 

Early collaboration with C-PEC in the development process of a new construction or renovation project is essential for a smooth project.  C-PEC specialists are available to meet with development teams to plan a well thought out and efficient laundry facility. 

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TotalVue by Unimac

TotalVue is an essential technology for insight into how your industrial laundry facility is performing.  TotalVue monitoring enables quick and easy measuring of critical performance indicators of your Unimac equipment’s performance.  Click the link below for additional information on  Unimac’s TotalVue monitoring

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