The Arizona multi-housing industry has relied on C-PEC since 1962 to provide solutions for their vended laundry rooms.  A vended laundry room can elevate the perception of an apartment, RV or Mobile Home property as a technologically current company offering residents tools that make living at the property convenient and enjoyable.

C-PEC works with the best manufacturers in the business to equip multi-housing laundry rooms for success.




We offer three options for equipping a multi-housing laundry room

  1. Ownership 

Allow C-PEC to recommend an equipment package that fits your budget and aligns with the vision you have for your apartment, RV
or Mobile Home property.  Your equipment purchase includes our help and guidance in all phases of design, installation,
financing, and operation.

  1. Revenue Share 

Allow us to lease your laundry space.  With this plan you provide only the space and utilities and we do the rest.  We install top quality commercial washers and dryers, convenient payment systems allowing residents to use the equipment with the convenience of their smart phone, or bank card, provide the service on the machines, handle any customer concerns, collect the money, and pay you a liberal percentage of the income.

  1. Rental 

Plan three allows you to acquire your needed machines on a rental basis.  We will install top quality commercial washers and dryers and provide all the necessary service.  You choose the vend price, do your own collecting, and pay only a fixed monthly rental charge.

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Payrange allows residents of multi-housing properties to start equipment with the convenience of their smart phone through the Payrange app. Residents no longer need to hang on to quarters to start the equipment. Through the Payrange app, residents can use the commercial washers and dryers installed in a laundry room by paying with apple pay, Samsung Pay, a credit or a debit card. Owners no longer need to collect the money out of the washers and dryers as laundry income is deposited directly into the owner’s bank account.

Payrange Products

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