With over 46 years experience in the laundry industry, CPEC will ensure that your laundry is evaluated and designed for maximum efficiency and profitability. We will assist you in building a new coin laundry, renovating an existing store, or simply replacing equipment.

  • Coin-Op Laundry – We will recommend the right equipment mix, design a floorplan, assess utilities, recommend financing sources, perform installation and much more. If your coin laundry store is planned, equipped, marketed and operated properly, you will realize tremendous utility savings, out-perform the competition and maximize your profits.
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  • On-Prem Laundry – We will size your equipment to meet your production needs, design the equipment layout, evaluate the utilities and the foundation. If your on-premise laundry is properly equipped and operated, you will realize tremendous savings in labor and costs while improving laundry processing time.
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  • Multi-housing Laundry – We offer revenue share, rental, and purchase plans. No matter which plan you choose, we will make sure that you have the proper number of machines and the most energy efficient equipment.
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  • Chemicals – CPEC Laundry Solutions provides a full line of laundry and housekeeping chemicals, as well as professional services for all aspects of the on premise laundry industry, including: Hospitality, Healthcare, Athletics, Corrections, Fire Departments, industrial, etc.
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  • Ozone Disinfection – Aquawing Ozone Laundry Systems provides on premise laundry operations with superior disinfection and energy savings, using environmentally friendly technology. When disinfection matters, Aquawings patented VO3 (verified ozone) ensures that the proper levels of ozone have been achieved and maintained on every cycle.
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  • Dry Cleaning – The Harmony Wet Cleaning System is your Truly Green alternative to conventional dry cleaning processes. Harmony eliminates the hassles and extra costs of dealing with hazardous waste and endless maintenance.
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Our goal is to make your laundry facilities as profitable as possible and help you choose the equipment that works best for you. If your laundry facility is equipped and managed properly, you will realize tremendous energy savings and increased profits.